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Gauteng is split up into smaller zones. You can subscribe to as many individual zones as you want.


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For you desperate Building company owners (like myself) / artisans / other businesses in need of, well basically what I was looking for as well, I want to share my experience.

I stumbled across the business leads website out of desperation. I had to get back on my feet after the economy got its nails in me, and some misfortunes. My hurdles were this: -

1.       “You need money to make money” – I proved that statement very wrong soon after. (All you need is: Plain old HONESTY, HARD work, and Business Leads).

2.       To get work in, you need reps @ cost to company packages of easily R12,000pm and up, and then no guarantees of signing any business. At least that was my experience in the corporate world. And seeing that I stink in getting in contact with people that’s possibly in need of my services, what now????

So, here goes this amazing team’s results:

1.       I have, since their new system has been implemented, received leads that has cost me R568 for the last month.

2.       Off that, I have submitted quotes to the total value of R1,270,000-00 for that month (August 2011)

3.       Off that, I have completed and cashed in turn-over of R103,000-00 already.

4.       Included is signed go-aheads (and programmed) for the next 2 months to value of R348,000-00.

What is LEKKA about them, is…. Well everything about everything they do!!